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Against Dangerous and Defective Products. The internet can be a sea of misinformation - especially when legal topics are part of the equation. When you need information regarding dangerous or defective products, go to the source: CDSNET. Don’t leave your case up to chance. If you have any questions please, fill out our contact form and we will put you in contact with an experienced attorney right away.

Dangerous Drugs

Sometimes, prescription or over the counter drugs do more help than harm. What’s worse, drug companies know the dangers but prioritize profits over people.

Defective Products

A manufacturer defect can turn an ordinary product into an extremely dangerous one. Consumer products – particularly automobiles -defects can leave you vulnerable to significant injury.

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Current Lawsuits

If you blindly trust manufacturers, you may end up driving an unsafe car or using an unsafe product that has been recalled. You may be entitled to compensation in an ongoing lawsuit. Get the scoop on product and drug lawsuits here.

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Every year, over 34 million people are injured or killed as a direct result of product related accidents.

In fact, such product related injuries are the leading cause of death among people under the age of 36. Dangerous products kill more people under 36 than heart disease or cancer.

That's why the Consumer Defense Source Network is here. Our mission is to provide valuable information and access to attorneys when legal action is required. Often, the only way for consumers to hold manufacturers accountable for their products is a product liability lawsuit.

Keep yourself informed and fight back against negligent companies and entities.

  • Million

    People Killed or Injured

  • Billion Dollars

    The Annual Cost of These Injuries

  • Deaths Per 100,000

    From Dangerous Products

  • Percent of Deaths

    Involve falls

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The internet can be a sea of misinformation - especially when legal topics are part of the equation.

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